Kodet Architectural Group views sustainability as a commitment from the very beginning of the design process. Kodet has five LEED accredited professionals in our office, and our expertise will allow us to guide you through the process of designing and constructing a building that conserves resources and is environmentally, socially, and economically conscious. We use LEED or Minnesota B3 standards as a tool for the development of high-performance buildings whether or not you decide to formally register the building for Certification. Working with the client, we can analyze the benefits and costs of the process and set goals that optimize your ideals with your budget. At the onset of the design process, our office and consulting engineers would work as a team to help you set sustainable design priorities for the project.

We explore the following:

– Minimal intervention of the building on the site.

– Use of sustainable materials, including ones that have low initial environmental impact, are made of recycled materials, and those that require minimal environmental costs to manufacture.  Kodet consistently maintains a log of materials and their response to environmental burden.

– Solar orientation, for use as passive heating or supplemental heating.

– Use of daylighting to reduce electricity consumption.

– Incorporating practical conservation elements, such as collecting rain water for watering the lawn.

-Designing HVAC systems to ensure the highest indoor air quality for the facility.


Above: Geothermal was installed at the MnDOT St. Cloud Travel Information Center 

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