1. Team Ethic

Kodet has a strong team ethic. We work collaboratively and listen attentively to our clients to accomplish common goals. We are committed to working as a team and involving the client throughout the design process.

Kodet is experienced in working with the numerous committees and other stakeholders involved with most projects. We are experienced in working to build consensus.

As a team, our office works with the client to draw on each other’s skills to reach the best possible design. This environment allows for the best ideas to come forward and be incorporated into the design.


2. Firm Size

The firm’s size of around 20 staff allows us to create project teams that will be consistent throughout the project. Kodet Architectural Group has the resources and staff to meet your schedule and respond on short notice and within tight timelines.


3. Creativity

Creativity in planning and architectural design has provided our clients with projects that function and respond well to the context in which they are placed. Kodet Architectural Group has won numerous awards for our facility designs and has been published in a number of books and magazines. See our Awards page.


4. Long-Term Commitment

We look at each project as an ongoing commitment, and the firm takes extra efforts to make sure the facility responds to the people who will use it, from the day it opens well into the future.


5. Environmental Sustainability 

Kodet Architectural Group’s design team has been on the leading edge in regard to environmentally sustainable design. With five LEED-accredited professionals on staff, we have the expertise to design and construct a facility that is both cost effective and sustainable in the long term to advance your goals. For more about our commitment to sustainable design, see our Sustainability page.


6. Stewardship

We believe in the effective stewardship of the resources that are invested into the facilities we design. The values that each generation shows in their facilities are often the legacy they leave. Through our ongoing internal construction budgeting, we are able to closely monitor costs throughout the design and construction process to ensure that we steward your investments responsibly by designing a building that represents your values and goals to the fullest extent.


7. Fun

We believe that a strong aspect of building team spirit is by having FUN while creating professional relationships! See our Culture page for more about our firm culture.

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