Kodet Architectural Group views sustainability as a commitment from the very beginning of the design process. Kodet’s expertise will allow us to guide you through the process of designing and constructing a green building.  As a firm, our goal is to design all projects according to LEED or Minnesota B3 standards whether or not the projects apply for certification.  Working with the client, we can analyze the benefits and costs of the process and set goals that optimize your ideals with your budget. At the onset of the design process, our office and consulting engineers will work as a team to help you set sustainable design priorities for the project.

We explore the following:

  • Indoor Air Quality: We work closely with our M/E/P consultants to design facilities and their systems to maximize the indoor air quality. In our cold-weather climate, we have developed creative ways to house HVAC equipment to encourage regular maintenance, resulting in improved indoor air quality.
  • Minimal Intervention on the building site to conserve resources and have the least impact on native habitats, species, and ecosystems.
  • Resource Conservation: We will incorporate energy- and water-efficient equipment that will save operation costs throughout the life of the building and consider the long-term cost effectiveness and payback period of each decision made through the design process. Electrical and plumbing systems that operate on motion-sensors and timed systems are incorporated into our designs whenever possible. In 2012, we worked with Hmong Academy to enter into the Energy Assets program, gaining the school $50,000 in energy rebates.
  • Material Selection: We investigate options for reducing embodied energy of materials while maximizing longevity.
  • Daylighting: Kodet Architectural Group believes in the value of natural light. You will see the exceptional use of day lighting within most of our projects. Not only does natural light improve the quality of space and the activities it houses, selectively-placed, operable windows also provide economic and environmental benefits in the energy saved with natural light and passive heating and cooling.